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            Loose and wrinkled skin is a problem that we all must face eventually in our lives. With development of new technologies taking control of your physical appearance has never been easier and tackling wrinkled skin is no exception. As the name suggests laser skin tightening treatment is using lasers along with other technology to tighten the skin. Laser skin tightening treatment is a convenient, effective, and safe way to turn either wrinkled or loose skin into tight, firm, and vibrant skin.

            At Resilient One MedSpa the treatment sessions are not complex, dangerous, or even uncomfortable. You can be in and out of our offices in as little as 45 minutes and since the procedure is not surgical you can get back to your day with no downtime.


Typically, laser skin tightening is done with a combination of low-level lasers, radio frequencies, and magnetic pulses. The low-level lasers, radio frequencies, and magnetic pulses cause a thermal reaction in the tissue, causing the body’s natural healing process to respond
and tighten the skin. The body does this by forming new collagen which then contracts and tightens the skin.

This is what allows the procedure to be non-surgical, and since the body is doing all the work naturally, you will not feel any discomfort following the procedure. Since the body does all the work naturally, laser skin tightening treatment is a safe procedure. These skin tightening techniques work great on the face and neck area, but also work when targeting cellulite on the stomach, thighs, and buttocks.


            At Resilient One MedSpa we offer nothing but the best service, and to offer such service we must employ the best technology.
As a result, we use The Venus Legacy™ for all our skin tightening procedures. The Venus Legacy™ offers a powerful advancement in body contouring and body sculpting technology. It combines radio frequencies and magnetic pulses into a patented (MP)2 technology that targets cellulite reduction, skin tightening, skin rejuvenation, and reducing the appearance of stretch marks, wrinkles, and signs of aging.

Unlike typical skin tightening procedures that involve the hassle, danger, and downtime of surgery, The Venus Legacy™ uses its unique combination of multi-polar radio frequency and pulsed magnetic fields to create a heat matrix over the skin that triggers
a natural healing response in the body.

Once this healing response is activated, new collagen is formed – and the contraction of this new collagen leads to the skin tightening.
This method is proven safe and provides astounding results. The Venus Legacy™ also allows you to target specific parts of the body
and target problem areas with incredible precision. Face, neck, back, stomach, thighs, cellulite reduction,
wrinkle reduction – wherever and whatever you choose, you can lose it.


            Laser skin tightening treatment can help you feel confident in your skin again. If you are tired of the constant skin cream, then laser skin tightening treatment is your answer. If you do not feel comfortable in your favorite outfit anymore because of your wrinkled
or loose skin, then laser skin tightening treatment could work for you. Our patients often see the results that they wanted
and leave our clinic happy with smooth, tight skin.

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* Individual results vary. Best results promoted by a healthy lifestyle. Images do not constitute a promise or representation of any particular outcome.

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